Trade ComplianceTech Forum, 5-6 June 2024, Hamburg, Germany

Trade ComplianceTech Forum, 5-6 June 2024, Hamburg, Germany

There is a digital revolution taking place right now in compliance. Some are ahead others waiting to follow but one thing is certain, it is happening and will change the way we operate in the near and distant future.

Trade ComplianceTech Forum, 5-6 June 2024, Hamburg, Germany

There is a digital revolution taking place right now in compliance. Some are ahead others waiting to follow but one thing is certain, it is happening and will change the way we operate in the near and distant future.

Compliance software already exists but still needs human review, the use of Trade ComplianceTech will lead to compliance executives having more time to focus on the grey areas leading to greater efficiency all round. Also, as the remit for compliance officers continues to expand, they are increasingly looking at technology to augment their capabilities. Artificial intelligence powered by machine learning and big data has the potential to completely revolutionise the compliance world.

What was once strictly an IT activity now demands a more collaborative environment with other business functions. Groups must now work together in evaluating new technologies, they must establish priorities and learn from each other.

So, who can shine a light on the possibilities and opportunities out there? One thing we have learned over ten years of working closely with the global compliance community is that the best way forward is to meet and talk to all stakeholders together on one platform and learn from each other. Over two days in Munich we will be doing this and hope you too can join us.

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The agenda for the Trade ComplianceTech Forum is prepared by and for industry professionals, and includes the most interesting topics, currently pertinent to the field.

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2-Day pass and the Company-wide Post-Event Microsite license for 1 year:

  • 1 attendee  – €950
  • Team ticket for 2  – €1200
  • Team ticket for 3 – €1399

The in-person event includes sessions, lunch, refreshments and available documentation. Please contact us for Groups. Please note: “Vendor” companies may attend as sponsors only.