Executive overview

Executive overview

We believe a conference should be a meeting of minds and work to ensure that those contacts you make at our events are relevant and useful.  Each attendee is carefully screened in order to create the right forum for debate.

Typically, you will meet:

  • Government relations Vice-Presidents/Directors
  • In-house counsels
  • Vice-Presidents of Compliance
  • Export Compliance Directors
  • Export Compliance Officers
  • Trade Analysts
  • Vice-Presidents/Directors of Contracts
  • Vice-Presidents/Directors of Procurement
  • Vice-Presidents/Directors of Purchasing
  • Sales and Marketing Vice-Presidents/Directors
  • Trade/Customs Compliance Managers
  • Project Management Vice-Presidents

Executive overview: selection process

At Nielsonsmith we work closely with our Speakers to ensure cutting-edge presentations and insightful deliveries. Speakers are selected either through industry recommendations or White Papers published.

Expert advice will be available from our Partners who are selected for their industry leading performance and experience. Our Partners will be on hand from Day One to assist and advise, please feel free to visit them in the hospitality areas.

To learn more on how you can maximise your conference experience please call your Nielsonsmith Client Relationship Manager, who will be happy to discuss a personalised itinerary with you.